Our Story

Getting your daily caffeine fix or satisfying those hunger pangs doesn’t always have to be a selfish act. Every time you purchase a cup of coffee you are voting with your dollars to support a better world. All our coffee carries the Fair Trade Certified label, which means your coffee consumption at MOCHA helps benefit over one million farmers and farm workers in 58 developing countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Also, the net proceeds from MOCHA always go toward something greater than yourself. Each quarter, MOCHA contributes to a specific missional effort in Austin and the world.

We desire to be an integral part of southwest Austin and would love to host your community event, gathering or class. If you have a large group coming (over 20) that would like a catered lunch, please contact us 1-2 days in advance. Private meeting spaces can also be reserved by contacting Amy Becker.

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